Mark Lautman


Economic architect revolutionizing the way we practice economic development for the 21st Century.


After hearing Mark speak, you will never think about economic development the same way again.  He is comfortable in any size room and handcrafts each presentation for your audience.


As a published author and columnist, Mark is considered a global authority on the future of economic development.  Pick up his book ‘When the Boomers Bail,’ available on Amazon.


Mark and his colleagues have developed a new planning process and a suite of program approaches to help local leaders survive the changes coming in this age of acceleration.

What Is Economic Development?

Economic Development is simple – it’s the act of growing your economy faster than your population.  When this happens, households, businesses and tax dependent institutions have the additional money they need to improve.  On the flip side, if your economy grows slower than the population, you’re faced with serving more people with fewer resources.  When this happens for any length of time, improvement is increasingly impossible and the impact on the community can be catastrophic.

When the Boomers Bail

In his critically acclaimed book, Mark Lautman presents a discovery that will make traditional economic developers squirm and community leaders take notice. Simply put, in the recruit, recruit, recruit game of business attraction and jobs creation, a serious shortfall in qualified workers create a catastrophic roadblock for economic growth. As boomers exit the workforce, adequate replacement has simply not occurred. Therefore, not every community can prosper. There will be winners. And there will be losers. This book is not only an awakening to a new reality, but a guidebook to ‘Winnersville.’

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What People Are Saying

It is a singular honor to lend my voice to the legions of individuals, organizations and communities that have been the beneficiaries of Mark’s deep insight into the fabric of economic development and the drivers that inform healthy cities and regions in this regard.

Dave Csintyan

Past President/CEO, Greater Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC

Mark has been on the front lines of economic development and knows the hard work and collaboration needed to face the many obstacles facing communities and states.  His forward leaning insights sound an alarm that economic development efforts must change to meet the challenges of a new era.

Kenny McDonald

Chief Economic Officer, Columbus 2020

Mark’s grasp of the changing national economy and the impact it will have on our local communities was vital to our planning efforts.  As equally important in conveying the message was his no-nonsense, conversational speaking style. He was able to effectively connect with a broad spectrum of community members.

Steve Howe

Former Executive Director, Vermillion EDC