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How Demographics Make Winners or Losers out of Communities

by KlineOnline

Wed, Nov 2, 2011

Join us and our guest Mark Lautman, CEcD, CRE as we discuss his book entitled When the Boomers Bail and the repercussions the coming labor mismatch will have on companies trying to enter or navigate second stage growth.

Mark Lautman, CEcD, CRE, has been a practicing economic developer for nearly three decades. His consultancy, Lautman Economic Architecture Partners, works with states, communities and real estate firms to design and develop new economies.

Mark Lautman is a founding director of the Community Economics Lab, a private not-for-profit think tank innovating new approaches to economic development that work in a labor and capital constrained economy. His consulting practice is conducted under Lautman Economic Architecture LLC.

He is a frequent conference speaker and author of a new book on economic development entitled When the Boomers Bail.