Time to wake up and realize the future is never returning to “normal” again.,December 29, 2011

This review is from: When the Boomers Bail: A Community Economic Survival Guide (Paperback)

What an outstanding read and insight on what is happening, not only nationally, but around the world. All of Mark’s research and insights have a real “Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers-esque” feel to the material he is presenting. This book truly opened my eyes, especially since I’m right in there with the Boomers. Now as I read articles about the local and national economy, watch the news, listen to the campaign speeches, I have a whole different perspective on what I’m hearing and what the solutions are.

The best part of reading this book, beyond the tremendous message, was Mark’s incredibly subtle humorous delivery with such down to earth expressions. An example when describing the aging Boomers: “Your eyesight goes, your hearing degrades, you lose half your taste buds, your brain steadily shrinks, and you get grumpy and complain abaout the government all the time. It’s Mother Nature’s way of saying she is done with us.” I found myself laughing out loud through so many engaging passages while the whole time being warned to be scared, really really scared. Even though I haven’t even gotten to the second half of the book, I already realize Mark’s book will affect me for the rest of my life. It will also affect my work as a Financial Counselor. Bravo, Mark for a powerfully insightful book!