MRGEDA Economic Development Assessment

October 2020

Assessment Steps

1. Coherence

  • Introductions
  • Coherence Questions
  • Glossary

2. Job Needs Assessment

  • Job Needs inputs – Socorro
  • Job Needs inputs – Sierra
  • Job Needs inputs – MRGEDA
  • Calculator

3. Job Creation Potential

  • ¬†Job Creation Theaters
  • Current Status
  • Opportunities
  • Over/Under
  • Predicament

4. Factors of Production Gaps

  • Theater Explanation
  • Estimates – Socorro
  • Estimates – Sierra

5. Action / Recommendations

  • Programs, Projects, Policy Changes
  • Changes to Apparatus
  • Recommendations
  • Next Steps

Job Creation Theaters – Video Links

Calculus Dashboard

Job Needs Calculator – SOCORRO

Job Needs Calculator – SIERRA

How Many E-Base Jobs Can be Created – SOCORRO

How Many E-Base Jobs Can be Created – SIERRA

Does Job Potential Meet, Fall Short, or Exceed Need?


Jackie MuncyDepartment of Health Health Promotion
Tom SandersonLos Lunas Networks
Don WolbergSocorro Electric Cooperative Board
Sharon FinarelliNM Alliance for Health Councils/MRGEDA Healthcare Chair
Vannetta PerryEducation
Nick KellerSan Miguel Deacon/Socorro Farmer/MRGEDA Ag. Chair
Gail ArmstrongState Representative
Lena ChavezCity of Socorro Administrative Assistant
Michael Olguin JrOlguin Insurance/City of Socorro Councilman
Joe McClintockProjects Manager SW Area Workforce Development Brd.
Polo PinedaCity of Socorro CFO/IT/Economic Development
Katherine EverumSierra County T or C Olive Tree (case worker)
Deborah DeanBodega Burger Co/ City of Socorro Council Member
Linda DeMarinoT or C Main Street
Veronica PoundCEO Socorro General Hospital
Michael HawkesSocorro County Manager
Bruce SwingleSierra County Manager
Louise MarquezNM EDD SW Region Rep
Kim SkinnerMayor Protem Elephant Butte/Chairman Tourism Board
Gail Rogers-TrippSocorro County GIS
William StoneNMT-Community Liason
Steven BuckelyT or C/MRGEDA Board Member
Ralph MimsVillage of Los Lunas Economic Development
President Doug WellsNew Mexico Tech


Team Contacts

Kirstin Keller

Kirstin Keller

Executive Director, MRGEDA

Mark Lautman

Mark Lautman

Founder, The CELab

John Sharp

John Sharp

President, Sharp Informatics

Sarah Crichlow

Sarah Crichlow

Owner, SarahStella Studio
COO, The CELab

Charles Lehman

Charles Lehman

President, EEICNM

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