Lautman Economic Architecture, LLC. (LEA) is an economic development consultancy specializing in the design and development of community economies. The company engages in four general areas of activity:  Economic Architecture, Master-Planning and Project Management, Innovation Work and Thought Leadership.

1. Economic Architecture – LEA uses its proprietary, strategic planning process to counsel and advise community leaders through an analysis of their economic and demographic predicament, assessment of needs, selection of target economic sectors, planning and execution. LEA’s approach requires the community’s leadership to personally direct the research, design, writing and management of the strategic planning process.

2. Master-Planning and Project Management – LEA works with developers, principals and communities to help plan, structure and complete transformational economic development projects. This includes master-planning, entitlement work, marketing, deal structuring and project management for individual development projects and corporate locations. LEA also works with master-planned community developers who want to establish their own in-house economic development operations.

3. Innovation Work – LEA works with communities and entrepreneurs to help pioneer new economic development and workforce development program approaches.

4. Thought Leadership – LEA provides insight and perspective on new challenges and solutions facing community leaders trying to manage their local economies. The company writes books, articles and program guidelines, as well as performing conference keynote addresses, conducting break out sessions, workshops, retreats and seminars on a range of topics.